Pneumatic grease pumps

If you are looking for pneumatic grease pump, Ancotech Lubrication Technology is the place to be. We are specialists in pneumatic pump technology and have a wide range of pneumatic grease pumps with a pressure ratio of 50:1. These are suitable for lubrication applications. In addition, we also have filling pumps with a pressure ratio of 25:1, for filling reservoirs or other filling systems.

In addition to having various parts and accessories for your pneumatic grease pump in stock, we also have our own workshop. Here we have the opportunity to disassemble, clean, inspect and repair your equipment. We also have reconditioned pumps in stock that can be used as an exchange pump. This way you can always continue with your production.

Purchase your pneumatic grease pump from Ancotech

  • Free and non-binding advice for every problem;
  • Repair and overhaul done in our own workshop;
  • Large stock, broken parts can be replaced quickly;
  • Wide range of products, fast shipping;
  • Full service from A to Z. We offer a solution for every problem;

Place an order for new grease pumps directly via our website. Do you have any questions about our products or services? Please contact us.

Pneumatic pump technology

Pneumatic grease pumps are frequently used in pump technology. These pumps are used for various applications:

  • Lubrication of bearings;
  • Filling reservoirs of grease pumps used in central automatic lubrication systems; filling hand grease guns;
  • As the basis of a 1-line, progressive, or 2-line automatic lubrication system.

The pneumatic grease pumps have various pressure ratios. Some pressure ratios are more suitable for a particular application than others. If you are not sure which grease pump is best for you to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you.

Lincoln pneumatic grease pump

Lincoln is a very well-known brand for grease pumps. This brand is specialized in the design and development of lubrication systems. We have an intensive partnership with Lincoln Industrial and in this way we can offer you the best articles and service. We are an importer and dealer of this brand of grease pumps. We deliver and install these pumps in both heavy and light industry and we provide maintenance and service for existing systems.

Fast shipment

If you purchase your pneumatic grease pump from us, we will ensure that it is delivered to you quickly. We always ship these items from our own warehouse. It has a stock system that is always up to date. Therefore all items shown on our website are in stock. In addition, we can also support you with service and installation. Our professionals are VCA certified and have the right knowledge of the grease pumps.

Thanks to our extensive workshop, we can carry out maintenance and overhaul of your pneumatic grease pump. Because we have various overhauled grease pumps in stock, you can receive them as an exchange pump. We will overhaul your pump as soon as we have received it, so that it can be returned to the stock of overhauled pumps. You can then immediately continue with your production so that there are no delays. We can also provide you with professional advice, as we are specialists in the field of grease pumps.

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Are you looking for new pneumatic grease pump? Then place an order directly via our website. We can always deliver the order to you quickly. Contact us for service and installation, or if you just have any questions. You can do this by filling in the contact form or by calling +31 (0)72 - 561 65 53.