Ancotech & Lincoln lubrication systems

At Ancotech, official importer and authorized dealer of Lincoln Lubrication Technology, we are ready to provide you with an experienced team with thorough advice when it comes to automatic lubrication of your machinery. Ancotech has the knowlegde to relieve you when it comes to the lubrication of your equipment.

Lincoln is a manufacturer of high-quality lubrication systems. Ancotech Lubrication Techniques has been a dealer of this brand since its inception. We have been advising Lincoln products for decades, and have been applying them to our broad clientele, ranging from large industrialists to small businesses. Whenever we can advise you on lubrication technology, we are happy to do this. The Lincoln Quicklub progressive lubrication systems cover a large part of the automatic lubrication systems that we advise and install. In addition, we have the expertise and stock of the two-line "Dual line" and one line "CentroMatic" systems. Also for the pneumatic pump systems "PowerMaster" and "PileDriver" and hand lubrication tools you have come to the right place.

Lincoln products, consumables and parts

Ancotech Smeertechniek is voorraadhoudend dealer van Lincoln-SKF smeersystemen. Dit kwaliteitsmerk is vanaf de oprichting ons hoofdmerk en wordt tot op de dag van vandaag nog steeds met veel succes gebruikt in alle voorkomende smeertoepassingen en elke tak van industrie. Ons assortiment bestaat uit een totaalpakket van smeertechniek gerelateerde producten, dus ook die ene smeernippel of speciale verloopkoppeling.

Ancotech Lubrication Techniques is a stock-keeping dealer of Lincoln-SKF lubrication systems. This quality brand has been our main brand from its inception and continues to be used with great success in all common lubrication applications and in every industry. Our range consists of a total package of lubrication technology related products, so also that one grease nipple or special coupler adapter.

We deliver from stock, among other things:

  • Lincoln Quicklub pumps model P203, P502, P401, P205 & P215
  • Lincoln progressive metering devices SSV, SSVD & SSVL
  • Lincoln CentroMatic injectors
  • Lincoln Dual line dividers
  • Lincoln PowerLuber battery grease guns
  • Lincoln Tools and equipment
  • SKF lubricants

Installation, advice, service and maintenance


As an acknowledged "SKF Lubrication Systems Distributor", Ancotech is not only your partner for supplying Lincoln / SKF lubrication systems, pneumatic pumps, hand-operated grease guns & pumps, but can also provide sound advice and installation. 

In addition, we have our own carefully decorated and well-equipped workshop in Heerhugowaard where we can take care of the repair and overhaul of all common Lincoln pumps. Whether it is an electric pump from an automatic lubrication system, a pneumatic plunger pump, or a hydraulic driven model, all principles are covered by us.

For the large pneumatically driven volume pumps from the Lincoln PowerMaster and PileDriver series, we have the majority of these pumps at our disposal with revised direct exchangeable pump tubes and air motors. This means we can make a visit in the event of a defect in your pump to exchange the defect part or the entire pump for a revised model. This way you will be back in production within the shortest possible time and we can carry out the repair to the defect part afterwards.