Ancotech Lubrication Technology has a wide range of SKF lubricants. SKF develops, designs and produces everything related to lubrication technology, including high-quality lubricants like grease and oils. In addition, we provide the QualiTack brand, which is marketed as a high-quality and solid budget line. All products on this page are available from stock. Not all types are listed in our range, but can be arranged for you if desired.


Order your lubricants online at Ancotech

-> Free and non-binding customized advice for every problem;

-> Repairs and revisions are done in our own workshop;

-> Large stock, which means that broken parts can be replaced quickly;

-> Wide range of parts, so that the best solution can always be proposed;

-> Full service from A to Z from a real specialist.

Looking for SKF or other brand lubricants? You will find the products you need with us. Place an order in the webshop before 3.30 pm and we will arrange for the items to be delivered the next day. Knowing more? Contact us.


The best protection with a lubricant

A lubricant ensures optimal operation of machines, cars, engines and valves. All moving parts will continue to function optimally and smoothly when using the right lubricant. A lubricant ensures less friction and thus less wear. This will extend the life of the machine and high maintenance costs. There are different types of lubricants available in our webshop. Which lubricant you should purchase depends on the application. Are you not sure which lubricant to use? Our dedicated team is happy to help you out. 


SKF grease products

SKF lubricants are applicable in various sectors. For example, the SFK universal grease lubricant is suitable for applications in the industrial and automotive sector. The SKF grease LGFP 2 is used in the food industry and the SKF LGWA 2 EP grease is for high load and wide temperature range. View our range for all lubricants and pay close attention to the applications.


Grease cartridges and thread sealing adhesives

Our range of lubricants also includes grease cartridges and thread sealing adhesives. A grease cartridge has been specially developed for use in a grease gun, but works the same as a lubricant. An example from our range is the Lincoln grease cartridge 542-34048-2 with Universal EP-2 grease suitable for pumps. Oiling threads can be done with a Loxeal thread seal and lock.


Extensive range of greases and related products

In addition to lubricants, our range consists of many more lubrication systems. A small selection from our range: manual grease guns, battery grease guns, pneumatic grease pumps, oil and fluid pumps, grease nipples, valves, grease brushes and hose reels. We deliver all products from our own warehouse, here we work with an up-to-date stock system. This allows us to deliver very quickly, often the next day.


Customized service: advice and revision

We are available to provide you with the right advice. Choosing the right lubricant can sometimes be quite a quest. We are happy to help you find the right products, we do this free of charge and without obligation. In addition, we have a service team that can take care of the installation, control and maintenance of lubrication systems. We have our own workshop where we carry out revisions, repairs and checks.


Specialist in automatic lubrication systems

Ancotech Lubrication Technology is a specialist in automatic lubrication systems and the associated components. We help large and small companies in various sectors in Europe  and abroad to improve their production output and reduce their energy and maintenance costs. If you want to optimize the lubrication of your device, you can contact us. The right lubrication technology ensures a higher reliability of your machines.


Order the desired lubricants in our webshop

Do you already know which lubricants you want to order? Then add it directly to your shopping cart. Be sure to check out the other products in the webshop. When you have added all items, you can place an order immediately. If you do this before 3.30 pm, your order will be shipped the same day.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like advice or would like to receive more information. You can call us on +3172-561 65 53. Another option is to fill in the contact form.

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